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LOCAL v2.0

2017 / Exhibition / Antalya,Turkey
Team : Selçuk Kişmir, Gökçe N. Tüfekçi, Elif Güngör
exhibition / research 

// The Local v2.0 is an exhibition work has been produced for International Antalya Architecture Biennale under the main theme of ‘continuity’.

Considering on a relational base, the concepts of “continuity” and “sustainability” have been manifesting certain struggles coinciding with breaking points in world history. Having taken place in global agenda since late 1980’s, the concept “sustainability” can be read as a consequence of an intensive economical, political and cultural transformation that have been proceeding for decades. The destruction brought by this transformation which all countries eventually experience under the effect of similar economic models, has led to a search for a new “superior-ethics” to control itself. Today, from where we stand, beyond continuity which refers to traditional locals, we can recognize the existence of this “superior-ethics” on a global scale.
After 1980’s and following years had witnessed a social and cultural transformation that can be read through various local histories around the world, urban life, production forms and working conditions have been homogenized and relatively generated equally homogenized urban and private spaces, without paying regard to geographical distance or cultural differences. Since the definitions and requirements of cities and architecture were updated accordingly; today, building production and architectural thinking are now a continuum of complex processes, consisting of numerous globally-integrated systems acting one within the other.

If rural is relatively consistent with traditional local, should we read the transpiring of the concepts like “sustainability” and “glocalization” as a declaration of a new local, involving cities and architecture, above all traditional locals? Considering all these changes and transformations, what is the new “local”? In case of the existence of the new local, is it possible that the search for continuity moves beyond a romantic nostalgia?

Within the scope of these questions, ‘Local v2.0 ‘ aims to represent a wide matrix, analyzing buildings in any city in the world with actors and elements affiliated in construction processes of them. While it pictures the global network appearing with designers, contractors and suppliers gathered for an architectural project, it keeps the existence of various sub-locals on the background.

Local v2.0