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Winner of the 2nd PRIZE !

2019 / Competition / Dubai, UAE

Design : Selçuk Kişmir
Team : Fabric.a

cultural / landmark / public / landscape


THE WINGED is a superstructure/landmark which takes its inspiration from the migratory birds visiting wetlands of the Creek.The proposal aims to achieve a concept which presents an iconic existence with a strong relation to its surrounding.

Dubai is a unique stage to the world with its innovative economical and urban development. Its rapid growth during last decades also brings along an geographical expansion. Today the city is visited by millions of people each year and be home to very cosmopolit resident population.

Creek Area as a route from the Persian Gulf to the inner land, maintained its importance since the first settlements of the city. As a natural water canal, it also carried life to the main land for centuries. One of the reasons which makes Dubai a uniqe example is its harsh climatic conditions and natural background. In this part of the world, water is always a source of life and celebration. In addition to its natural characteristic, the modern development of the city helped to create a man-made oasis on the edge of the Arabian Gulf.

The Competition area is located on the coast of the Creek. The water and its natural formations create a unique habitat close to the area. This natural characteristic provides a strong potential for presenting and also to preserve. Despite the dense development around, the richness of the wetlands presents an inevitable relation for the concept.

In Dubai, where desert meets the ocean, the natural landscape creates original patternal transitions. The sand turns into green clusters when it reaches to water. This natural correlation produces oasis kind of large territory, vibrant and rich with its wildlife. Ras Al Khor Wildlife Sanctuary with its wetland formations is home to very vibrant fauna and flora. The preservation area represents the natural and wild characteristic of the city. Especially the migratory bird population visiting the area every season provides an iconic identity to its surrounding.

The proposal within the compettion is structured around the idea of representing and celebrating the natural character of the Creek. While it looks for an innovative and modern concept for a landmark, it also tries to keep its bounds tight with the local references.

The concept proposes to translate natural patterns of the Creek territory as a lansdcape language for the project. A desert formation frames the outer plot and through the center it turns into a botanical garden with aerated lagoons. This green heart is proposed to become an exhibiton and miniature replica of the local flora. In between two different characters of its landscape, the structure appears as a fluid and organic geometry with a continuous circular form. While sitting to the ground on the long edges of the site, it rises towards to the coast view along the central axis. Elevated front section of the structure defines a public plaza next to the coastline and allows people circulating towards to the heart of the project. Above, the top surface functions as a continuous track for a rollercoaster which will provide users an alternative experience for the Creek view. It also serves as an walkable observation path with a panaromic view.

The required structural stability for the elevated edges is provided by tension cables extending to the inner center. Array of cables also help describing internal part as a defined outdoor space; a slightly hidden oasis.

The Winged welcomes visitors as a soaring landmark which remembers and celebrates the local nature by promising multiple experiences